Ebba's skills as a strings player make her ideally suited to the Geek Chic family.

Her background lies in classical music and musical theatre, which means her improvisational style exudes crisp melodies and complex technique, with awesome stage presence to boot.  

Ebba's performance style makes her ideally suited to performing alongside our Sax players and Live Percussionists, and with a fully electric violin, she can wirelessly roam the crowd, adding another layer of entertainment alongside fantastic Geek Chic or other DJs. Ebba performs alongside our String Trio, so why not combine acts, with afternoon String Trio and evening DJ/Violin combo? 

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Interesting Fact About Ebba:

Fact File

Act Type - Violinist

Styles - Pop, Dance, Improv

Ideal for Playing with DJs, Parties, Weddings

Singers -

Musicians - One Violinist

Set Lengths - 2x 45 minute sets as standard, multiple set times available

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