Geek Chic The Band

DJ Live Band

With Geek Chic the Band, you get the best of Geek Chic's DJs and Musicians, all in one act.

GCTB is a high-concept act, combining DJ, Singers, 3 Improv musicians and some of your favourite music, for an Ibiza feel, with all the benefits of both a live band and a DJ in one package.

With backing tracks provided by a live-mixing DJ and live additions from Vocalists and Musicians, GCTB works to satisfy those wanting to dance to their favourite tracks, as well as giving you all of the excitement a live band can bring to a party.

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Interesting Fact About Geek Chic The Band:

Fact File

Act Type - DJ Live Band

Styles - Dance, Pop, Party

Ideal for Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate, Festivals, International Events

Singers - Two

Musicians - Sax, Violin, Percussion (Or equivalent)

Set Lengths - 2x 45 min sets as standard, with the option for extended DJ sets.

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All the benefits of a live band, with the added bonus of a DJ! Just amazing!