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An Eco-Friendly Photo Booth?

How do you take a photobooth, and turn it eco?

We've got this.

At Geek Chic, we're dedicated to innovating what we do to new levels, and we think we've found our best idea yet - a beautiful, high tech yet eco-friendly alternative to the traditional photo booth!

How does it work?

Our Photo Pod uses all of the tech packed into a standard Photobooth, but in a sleek and compact 'Pylon', with a choice of backdrops and collection of props and signs to choose from.

Take 3 photos, and choose how they are laid out on the finished image, then instantly share to your mobile device via a QR code, or access the memories later with our online gallery.

It really is that simple, and because of our high-tech approach, almost 4 times faster than a typical photo booth, allowing more photos to be taken, more fun to be had, and the ability for the pod to be used in new and exciting ways at events.

What makes it eco?

With an entirely digital approach, our photo pod reduces the waste generated in an old-fashioned printing photo booth, and allows instant gratification and photo sharing, without the heat, environmental impact or stacks of discarded photos commonplace in most photobooths.

Our LED lighting throughout gives the same effect as the common fluorescent, halogen or tungsten bulbs used in booths, without the heat, electricity draw or constant need for replacements - we've calculated our photo pod costs less than 20p to run on full power for a 2-3 hour event.

What's more - our pod, backdrop and props are so compact that we can reduce our emissions even further - by using rail travel for events where vehicles would be unnecessary, and too high-emission to warrant. This is an industry-first approach to reducing our footprint, and we believe a future move forward in how we deliver our events.